So, I am Wine-Ooooh, I love the taste of a good glass of Vino … While living in Cali, this Brooklyn Girl visited several wineries and I educated my palette on the great appreciation of wine. I was also given the great opportunity to enjoy fine dinning with my dear husband “Mr. Swiss”. When we moved to Europe, I learned to truly enjoy the flavors of a glass of wine with your accompanying food. We had a road trip across Tuscany and we had the great opportunity to visit Italian Wineries, this was amazing!! A really good glass of wine should be poured to 1/4 your glass so, this way you can enjoy of swirling the wine in the class. You must enjoy the Smell and the Taste of the wine when it hits your lips! The Swirl, the Smell, Sensuality of the taste is brilliant! Many may say “Well, you will get drunk”! NO, if it is 1 glass and you sip and eat.. You are enjoying the taste rather than trying to get Drunk! The big mistake I believe is that we are more thinking about getting wasted than enjoying the flavor.  I hate when I go to a restaurant and they POUR out a newly opened bottle of  wine and fill up the glass… Yes, give me time to Smell, Swirl and get the Sensuality out of my Glass! I am paying $$$$ for the glass. Let me ENJOY!!!!! Plus ask for a sample of the wine before ordering a big glass to ensure your enjoyment.

A Small Note: This is not an advertisement for you to get drunk or wasted.. It is just my take on enjoying a glass of Wine.

Sweet Wine! (Moscato, this is a dessert wine.. after dinner drink)… sssmmoooocheessss!


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