So, I decided to send out an anonymous  survey (360 reach, to be filled out by friends and family. I am still waiting for all the responses but, the ones that came back were truly enlightening.  I had to ask myself the question???? Do people really know the true me or just a glimpse?? This made me realize that I need to clean up my act a little (smile)… I believe, this survey is a step for me to figure out a median between all of me… I realize that I have changed over the years – matured, became more aware and sensitive to cultures, personalities and the eccentricities of life, listening and educating myself.  Who I am today is not necessarily the person I was yesterday!  Take the survey and send it out! HOW WELL DO PEOPLE KNOW YOU???? or HOW MUCH ARE YOU HIDING FROM THEM???


10 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. Yes my dear, I agree you changed a lot – that is how life goes. I’m not sure what happend between us. The last Year you were here I had the Intension that our friendship was flying away. For me it was always dificult to find the right words in english.
    I’m happy that at last you wish came true and you’re back in your homeland and I keep remembering the times when our children were younger and we spent more time together.
    If I did something wrong to you ( mybe a reason why we didn’t have any contact) than I’m sorry.
    Big hug xxxxx

    1. You did nothing Wrong! My focused changed and I was looking forward for my big transition back to America!!! All is good!!! Just needed “Mental Me Time.. ” I needed More focus on my relationship with my husband and kids!!! All is well… Thanks for being a friend… Speak to you soon on Skype.

      “Food for Thought”

      All friends and people that came in my life was there for a purpose. 😃 I as well was a purpose in their lives. We laugh, we cry, we party, we have deep conversations and then we may part ways! ❤️that is the experience of life. Enjoy Every Moment!

      1. So I’m happy to read this😃
        Don’t wondering if I don’t answer quick by Skype I more on FB 😘

  2. I’m going to get to that survey in a few. But don’t quite need to take a survey because I know my sista! Yes you have changed, grown, and accomplished so much in so little time! And for all the experiences you have encountered I hope you have truly taken the good and the bad from each and every one of them! Life is what you make it and damn it girl you making it happen! Plan B…we will see my sista! Plan C…only God have the final blueprint. With that said and done, love you, and be blessed in all that you do!! Hmmmmm is right….I’m waiting for the next episode. Write on!!!

    Love Always

    1. Hey Ms. Yes… Fill out the survey. This will allow me to get a better picture of my brand and image to others!😃 please this info is very important to me and be honest! I am somewhat surprise with the current response but, I am mentally receiving all feedbacks and mediating on it!


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