The Fake Relationship Defined and Revealed

The Fake Relationship Defined and Revealed How do you know if you’re in a Fake Relationship? Sometimes you’re unaware until you decide to become naked about your truth and many are afraid of the scary truth. So yesterday I decided to reveal myself in my article and  today I’m going to unravel the Definition of… Continue reading The Fake Relationship Defined and Revealed

Is it a Fake Relationship?

Dear Me, You’re in a relationship that is Fake.  Yes, you and your partner have been playing a role for a very long time. This relationship began sweet and sassy. You guys started off this 20 year relationship in faith, trust and love. Your relationship has grown apart over time because of the pressure of… Continue reading Is it a Fake Relationship?

The Scary Truth

I haven’t written in a while, but you know now it’s time to start again. The Scary Truth has been something that I’ve been meaning to write about but I didn’t have the nerve to.  Well, here I go! Please if you want to judge me stop reading now! If you want to open your… Continue reading The Scary Truth

30 yrs! She has Given Up

Late last night I met a woman complaining to her friend about wanting to leave her husband after 30 yrs of marriage. So, of course I wanted her to share her story with me. I decided to stop writing my chapter of my book and interrupt their conversation. I was curious about her story. So… Continue reading 30 yrs! She has Given Up

Affairs…Why do people have them?

  I recently came across this video and it made me think… What the Hell are they talking about? Two people entering in a relationship don’t have the same amount of distance and closeness with each other to formulate a committed monogamous relationship. So they then seek out someone else to balance the relationship. Hmmm…… Continue reading Affairs…Why do people have them?

The Silent Message

Recently I spoke to a woman and she told me her story about the silence in her relationship. I thought about it, and realized that many couples go through the same silence in their relationships. Have you ever silenced yourself in fear of retaliation of your partner? Or do you have a desire or passion… Continue reading The Silent Message

The Stranger in My House

Have you ever felt like your love one is a stranger? Have you felt like the person laying in the bed next to you is now a stranger, because you have drifted apart? Have you ever thought your relationship felt like a lie or at least half truth? Do you have some family members that… Continue reading The Stranger in My House